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We are a network of Internet radio shows (called “podcasts”) that challenge you to think, encourage you to laugh, and enable you to succeed. All of our shows are clean and family-friendly (though some episodes may cover more mature discussions).

The name “” (pronounced “noodle mix”) came from our flagship podcast, the Ramen Noodle clean-comedy podcast.

Our hosts

Daniel J. Lewis

Although I thoroughly enjoy science fiction, action, adventure, and comedy entertainment genres, my deepest passion is for the authority of the Bible. I have an academic background in music composition and Christian ministry, but I’m employed full-time and freelance as a digital designer. Figure out that one! But I do also teach children in my own church, and do some speaking in other churches.

In addition to cohosting Are You Just Watching?, I host a comedy podcast, the Ramen Noodle, about my hilarious life as an “elite bachelor,” and I perform stand-up comedy under the same title. But don’t think that I’m all-geek! I’m a black belt martial artist and I enjoy “real” hobbies like cooking, swimming, volleyball, and I especially love to dig into God’s Word.

I like to sum up and motivate myself with a simple phrase: to God—and God alone—be the glory!

Jason Rennie

I am a software engineer by trade who spent many years growing up in an atheistic wilderness. After coming to Christ, I brought that same doubting and questioning mind with me. I have always been an avid fan of science fiction and as I got older, I developed an interest in philosophy as well. I have found the two go together extremely well, which is what led me to start the Sci Phi Show. Unlike the other hosts on Network, I am located in Australia, where I have always lived.

My Christian walk has had its ups and downs and I hope that others can learn from my experiences. Being a Christian is awesome, and I am constantly blown away by how awesome it is to live a life in line with the way we are made to live it.

Jeremy Laughlin

Long-time friend of Daniel Lewis (“the Ramen Noodle”) and guy who hates one-line bios, so this will do until he submits a complete bio.

Jenny Lewis

Daniel’s wife and greatest supporter.

Dan Flynn

Web designer and Android fanboy.

Eve Franklin

I’m an avid reader and movie lover. There’s not much I like better than reading a book and then seeing the movie version, or watching a movie and then reading the novelization. I have a degree in English literature, which means that at some point in my life I actually received grades for discussing and writing essays about literature. Can’t get much better than that, right? Well, it can. Who needs to pull apart the deep inner workings of dusty old classics when there’s such wonderful fodder in the mass media that people watch (and read) everyday?

Above all, I believe that I can’t do much better in this life than in pointing my friends toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything makes perfect sense when viewed from a Christian worldview. Even when the intent of the writer was something entirely different, everything can point to our Creator God. He is the foundation for every logical thought, the judge of all evil, and the author of all beauty.